10 Tactics screened at Vibgyor film festival

Tactical Tech were delighted to present 10 Tactics at the 6th Vibgyor International Film Festival in Kerala, India from January 12th-16th. The focus of the festival was 'political filmmaking and activism in South Asia', dedicated to the memory of filmmaker and media activist, C.Saratchandran.

Vibgyor took place in a 3 screened theatre in Thrissur, a town best known for the Thrissur Puram festival, celebrated with music, fireworks and bejeweled elephants!

Over 1500 people attended Vibgyor across five days. 10 Tactics was screened twice on January 13th and 16th to activists, filmmakers, students and the curious. Following the first screening, there was a discussion about new media and the use of the media in general for activists. Louis, one of the organisers, described 10 Tactics as "not just a documentary on new media but a textbook for activists. A must!"

David Timothy from Tactical Tech attended and was on hand to answer questions and meet those attending the two screenings of 10 Tactics. David attended a 'meet the directors' workshop, where the organisers of the festival were very keen to collaborate with Tactical Tech.  Organiser Benedict said, “When I watched the film, a thought came to my mind, to invite you (and your team if necessary) to Thrissur again and arrange a workshop for ViBGYOR team and also for interested people." 


PHOTOS: Vibgyor organisor Rev. Benny Benedict, Director of Chetana Media Institute; Vibgyor program; mural of C.Saratchandran.