How to use the 10 Tactics workbox

From your feedback and our evaluations we've learnt that 10 Tactics has become an invaluable resource for rights advocates since its launch in December 2009. Based on your suggestions we have now developed a number of additional materials that will support the use of 10 Tactics in trainings and workshops.

A 10 Tactics gallery now offers many resources, including videos and still images from the materials, that will support a trainer putting together a session on 10 Tactics.  We’ve also created a content map to help you quickly locate the stories and activities in the 10 Tactics pack. 

Included in this training workbox:

Ideas for how to use 10 Tactics as part of training activity

1) Host a screening:

  • Screen the first 5 tactics or just a few of them and then host a discussion where you discuss tactics, tools and examples.

Suggested discussion questions: 

Why were these campaigns effective? Which of the tactics employed would or would not work in your context and country?

What story inspired you the most? Why?

Which of the tactics have you used previously? How did it work? Which tactics might you try in the future? 

What tools were used well in the stories? What are the challenges in using these tools in your own context? Can these challenged be addressed by the group?

  • Screen the entire film in parts or to completion and have a discussion after each section you screen. 

2) Use the activities listed on the basics cards

The 5 basics cards focus on considerations every campaign should consider. Each of these cards includes a number of hands-on workshop activities. Structure a training based on these cards and use them to develop a full campaign startegy document.

3) Use local examples

Every country and context is different, so you may like to present additional examples and use these to identify what tactics and tools were employed, discussing what worked well or did not work well and why.

4) Create your own campaigns ideas based on the 10 tactics

Break participants into groups. Ask each group to develop a local campaign proposal, using specific tactics you assign to each group. You may like to allow each group the option to come up with an additional tactic, not included in 10 Tactics that they think would work well in their context. Have each group present their ideas to the entire group. Discuss why they may work well or not in their local context.


Please let us know if you use the 10 tactics materials as part of a training, course or workshop and share with us your ideas and experiences for how these materials can be used.