10 Tactics and WOUGNET celebrate milestones

On 1 June 10 Tactics was shown as part of the Women of Uganda Network's (WOUGNET) 10 year anniversary celebrations in Kampala. This celebration also marked the 100th screening of 10 Tactics. The film was well received by the participants and a number of copies of 10 Tactics and other materials by Tactical Tech were distributed after the film.

Milton Aineruhanga from WOUGNET said, “we chose to show this film because many of the organisations in our network are involved in advocacy and will benefit from the new strategies and inspiration 10 Tactics offers”. Milton came across 10 Tactics after presenting at a meeting in Nairobi where the film was screened.

WOUGNET is an NGO comprised of several women's organisations in Uganda. It's mission to develop the use of information and communication technology (ICTs) among women as tools to improve life conditions by enhancing women's capacities and opportunities for exchange, collaboration and information sharing.

The audience responded positively to the film, Milton explained. While some of the more rural-based audience members had not heard of some of the digital tools featured, others who had used many of them, increased their awareness of how they can be used creatively for advocacy. Participants were particularly interested in aspects of the film that resonated with the situations they faced, such as in tactic 2, which includes the 'Targuist Sniper' who filmed traffic police in Morocco taking bribes from motorists.

Images by Milton Aineruhanga. Top: Milton Aineruhanga from WOUGNET introduces the film. Bottom: The participants gather to watch 10 Tactics.