10 tactic film now available in Urdu

Thanks to the efforts of a team of five volunteer translators from the Rural Development Project (RDP), the 10 tactics film is now available with Urdu subtitles.  Human rights advocate and Executive Director of the the Rural Development Project, Mohammad Ahsan Khan, initiated and led the translation effort. “My commitment to the cause of human rights motivated me to translate 10 tactics into Urdu so that people from India and Pakistan could benefit from seeing it” Mr Khan said. “I have a firm believe that affirmative actions are directly linked with knowledge and information is one of the key sources of knowledge” he added.

RDP is a rights based organisation working for the rights of poor and vulnerable groups. For example, they have provided a range of emergency support to help people affected by earthquakes in recent years and they have ongoing programmes to combat and address domestic violence and child abuse. “With regard to info-activism, we provide information to the people about their rights, educate and sensitise them about the obligations of state and organise them to take collective actions for the promotion and protection of human rights.” said Mr Khan. RDP are now organising a screening of 10 tactics in Pakistan for civil society organisations and government agencies. The screening will take place later this month.


Photo : Mr Khan with the minister of local government inspecting a road and infrastructure project completed by RDP