Students in Texas discuss 10 tactics

On April 5, 70 students and LGBT activists met for a screening of the film 10 tactics for turning information into action in Austin, Texas. They gathered at the auditorium of the College of Communication of the University of Texas. The audience was mostly composed of individuals interested in using technology to further social and economic change in their community. Following the screening, the audience engaged in a discussion of the main themes portrayed in the film.

Some audience members were skeptical of the utility of the tactics, such as tactic 5 - just add humor, however, after watching the film they agreed that humor is an important tool to share knowledge. Dr Jorge Peña said, “I appreciate Tactical Tech giving me the opportunity to disseminate this practical knowledge and message of social change. I think the audience found the materials to be very useful and also applicable to their communities here in Texas.”

Copies of the film and its supporting materials were distributed after the screening.

Story and images by Dr Jorge Peña. Image: One of the students asking a question during the discussion.