Human Rights Day screening in Sydney

Amnesty International hosted the first Australian screening of '10 tactics' at their Sydney office on Human Rights Day last year. The event brought together around 30 rights campaigners, activists and NGO workers to watch and discuss the film.

The screening was organised by human rights activist, James Fehon, and Amnesty International Australia’s (AIAU) New South Wales (NSW) branch. A panel discussion followed. Participants included Seb Cumberbirch (online Strategy Manager at AIAU), Olver MacColl (offline strategy manager at GetUp! ), Priscilla Brice-Weller (ANTaR National Campaigns Manager) and Grant Young (Zumio Principal).

Fehon says: “The event was a great opportunity to consider the use of new technologies and those present in our day to day lives in campaigning for social change and defending human rights ... It also brought together our community of like-minded organisations and individuals working in Sydney together in a human rights movement. I’m still hearing from people who’d like to get a copy of the film, or come along to another screening as word spreads to others’ contacts in the field.”

Campaigners working with established NGOs and individual activists alike appreciated the well developed and professionally presented resources provided by Tactical Tech. Anasakia Elsom, a volunteer working to publish human rights activists' stories and events online, said that “the info-activism toolkits were remarkable … well laid-out and appealingly designed.”

Elsom echoed the sentiment of many audience members, explaining that “the examples of activism used to demonstrate the 10 tactics were inspiring.” She said: “10 tactics provides invaluable insight and ideas, as well as experienced words of caution for how to turn information into action, and demonstrates how rights advocates around the world are using the internet and digital technologies to create positive change.”

Follow up screenings in Australia are now being considered and AIAU are receiving many enquiries as the 30 people who attended share and show off the toolkits they’ve taken back to use in their work. 

Story and photos by James Fehon (pictured in the first image, left).