Rio de Janeiro screening inspires university students

25 students attended a screening of '10 tactics' at the Center for Research on Philosophy and Social Sciences, Federal University, Rio de Janeiro. The screening was organised by Renzo Taddei, a Professor at the School of Communication. Unfortunately the 10 tactics copies, which were to be given away to guests at the event, were withheld by Brazilian customs. Tactical Tech are very pleased to hear that, despite this setback, Renzo found a way to distribute the film. The one 10 tactics DVD copy that he did receive has now been burned, borrowed and passed on to interested students and professors throughout the university. “It wasn't the best time for a screening since it was summer vacation here for students. But, since the screening, I have been contacted by a number of professors and students who want to get a copy and I have been handing out burnt copies as well. Because of the interest I am donating my one original DVD copy to the library so it can be shared with everyone,” says Renzo. The students who attended the screening were more than impressed with what they saw. One student, Mariana Moraes, said afterward: "These stories make us interrogate ourselves about the ways in which we currently use social media, and consider how we could start using them for purposes that go beyond our own self interest. This is evidence for the success of the film, in its objective [to be] a "handbook" for info-activism, because it has provided us with stimulus as viewers to explore the virtual world in a way that can be the key for creating great changes in the real world." Renzo says that the impact of the film is already clear. “There is one student who has, as a result of the video, decided to take the issue of info-activism as the topic for her final dissertation, which I will supervise. Working together with this student, I’ll ask her to contact local activists and NGOs, and then I’ll send copies of 10 tactics to them as well,” says Renzo. While it was a shame that the 10 tactics materials were held up in customs, Renzo says the screening “was a huge success in the way it inspired those who attended.” Tactical Tech will now work at getting copies of the 10 tactics pack to the university to ensure that all those inspired can learn more and share this knowledge with others.