10 tactics screening and panel discussion in Paris

On Wednesday March 31 Internews Europe hosted a screening of '10 tactics for turning information into action' at the Comptoir Général on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin.

Around 100 people attended the screening and the subsequent panel discussion from various professional backgrounds including academics, journalists, individuals from the media and the commercial corporate sector and those from associations and NGOs.

The panel discussion was led by Jacques de Champchesnel from Sciences-Po and the panellists included; Laurent Giacobino from Internews Europe, Tanya Notley from Tactical Tech and Jean-Maxence Garnier from Think Out. They answered a few questions on the uses of social media for advocacy and commented on audience's own experiences.

Tanya Notley said that Tactical Tech was "... very proud of having a screening in France, in such an exceptional place as Le Comptoir, and to see so many people interested in the power of technology for change".

From the feedback gathered after the event, the discussion was seen as too short but Internews Europe hopes to continue the conversations that "10 tactics" raised through similar events in the future.

Story written by Internews. To view more photos of the event, click here.

Images by Tanya Notley, Top: The 10 tactics screening. Middle top: The unusual display at the Le Comptoir includes a witchcraft exhibit. Bottom top: Elsa Caternet introduces the 10 tactics screening. Bottom: The post screening discussion.