10 Tactics raises questions in Minnesota

10 Tactics was screened to around 30 students, campaigners and activists at the University of Minnesota Law School on 10 June. The screening was hosted by the New Tactics in Human Rights Project and the University of Minnesota Human Rights Centre.

New Tactics in Human Rights Project is based at the Center for Victims of Torture and aims to develop, promote and implement tactical thinking and innovation within the international human rights community. Each guest at the screening left with a new resource from either New Tactics, Tactical Tech or the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict.

After the film the participants were asked to share their reflections on the film and discussed how these new ideas and tactics could be incorporated into work in Minnesota. A few people mentioned the need to bridge the generational gap among activists in Minnesota; questions arose on how these different generations can share their knowledge and experience with each other. Other participants spoke about the importance of understanding digital risks especially with video and photos and a question regarding the legality of taking photos of police in the area was asked. The guests were inspired by stories in the film about visualising complicated data as a way to get your message out, featured in many of the tactics, and the different ways to use geo-maps; one audience member had the idea of putting public data on immigrant detentions on a geo-map. Kristin Antin said that all these great questions and suggestions are to be further addressed this summer with the help of New Tactics volunteers and the New Tactics online community. She also mentioned that any activists reading this story are welcome to answer any of these questions.

Kristin Antin said that "the people felt that the film was really interesting with lots of useful information - more entertaining than expected!" All participants expressed interest in a continued conversation on how to use and share this film and other resources in Minnesota.

Image by Kristin Antin. Image: The participants discuss the film.