Tactical Tech holds launch in Bangalore

On 9 December 2009, just five days after the London launch of ’10 tactics’, Tactical Tech's team in Bangalore held their own event for rights advocates working in India. The film was screened at the Centre for Education and Documentation and followed by a discussion focused on relating ‘10 tactics’ to the real issues and experiences of advocates in India. 

The 30 advocates who attended, all working with international as well as local NGOs in India, brought a great atmosphere of excitement and inquisitiveness to the event.

Susan Joseph from Action Aid India felt that the film was an excellent resource, helping advocates to work smarter by maximising the use of technological tools that are widely available. “All the stories that are profiled in the film are great examples - everyone is talking about them. The film has interviews and also analyses the change that was brought about as a result,” Susan said. Furthermore, “The tactics are well documented and will definitely give you ideas as to how you can leverage the platform that can help you get your message across, mobilize people, tell a story ... ultimately helping you make a difference,” she said.

Inspried by the possibilities of info-activism, Susan has since met with the Tactical Tech team in Bangalore to discuss how Action Aid can turn information into action and look at creative ways to use social media applications for their projects in India and Nepal. Tactical Tech is very pleased with the turn-out for this event. Representatives from the following organisations all gathered to watch the new film: Action Aid International, Solution Exchange, The Deccan Chronicle, Centre for Internet Society, Every Child India, Mail Today, Centre for Experimental Media Arts and the United Nations.

Images: Preparing food for the launch (top) and the audience at the event (bottom).