New 10 Tactics Arabic Language DVD

A 10 Tactics Arabic language DVD, with the complete set of cards and the film in Arabic, is now available to download. This new language DVD now joins English, Burmese, Russian and Spanish versions.

10 Tactics has been inspiring people and activating discussions about the use of information and digital technology for advocacy at the screenings held by different rights groups around the world. Salam Abdulmunem, of UNDP, helped organise several screenings of the 10 Tactics film in Iraq.

He says the Arabic materials will be very useful: "Many of the examples we usually see are from other countries and regions. What really made me perk up and listen to what was being said in the 10 Tactics film was the fact that there were all these Arab activists talking about their experiences and how they used these tools within their communities. It literally brings it home.”

Tactical Tech welcomes those who want to replicate the 10 Tactics website, with all its content, in their own languages. The Spanish version of the website is already up and running and an Arabic versions will soon be made available.  

Thanks to the Social Media Exchange Lebanon who led the Arabic film translation.

Download the Arabic language DVD here.