Last weekend, 10 Tactics was screened in Kyoto, Japan coupled with a live online broadcast. Keiko Tanaka volunteered to create Japanese subtitles for the 10 Tactics film earlier this year. She hosted the first public screening of the film to a small group of people in a community centre in Kyoto while also streaming it to audiences on Twitcasting, which enables users to stream live video and simultaneously  engage in tweet discussions.

After the screening, the Kyoto participants discussed the ‘democracy of the internet’ and focused on the issue of security in info-activism.  

Keiko says that participants came away from the screening with greater knowledge of how to use the media and internet to “spread information to the community.”

One of the participants said, "I was surprised to see this level of technology use in activism overseas. I don't have the knowledge to make use of everything we heard about but it was interesting [to find out what people are doing].”

Keiko has worked as a journalist, translator and volunteer for NGOs and was interested to explore new ways for a cause to reach the target audience and have greater impact.  

She came across 10 Tactics during an internet search and wrote about it in her blog which has helped promote this resource in Japan.

Through her experimental screening, Keiko has encountered a lot of interest in info-activism in Japan and she says she is now planning more screenings and streaming in the future. Download the Japanese version of 10 Tactics here.If you would like to volunteer to translate the 10 Tactics cards into Japanese, please get in touch.

PHOTO: A screen grab of 10 Tactics on Twitcast