Info-activists gather for global launch

December 4th - Bloggers, journalists and rights advocates united for the the global launch of 10 tactics for turning information into action. Tactical Tech's film was screened in three different locations in just one day: London, UK; Manilla, Philippines and Nairobi, Kenya.

The day began with a screening at a bloggers meeting at the Asian Institute of Management in Manilla, Philippines and ended in London with the fully sold out launch at the Frontline Club. Here, the film was shown to around 100 people, ranging from British journalists to international NGO workers. Afterwards there was a panel who discussed the uses of social media for advocacy and answered audience questions. Speakers included Jack Thurston, the Executive Director of EU Transparency and co-founder of, Sameer Padania, head of The Hub at human rights organization, WITNESS, and Muzna el Masri who appears in the film. The discussion was chaired by the director of the Information Programme at the Open Society Institute, Darius Cuplinskas.

Stephanie Hankey said about the event, “It was very exciting to host an event in the Uk for the first time and to see so many people interested in using technology for change. It was particularly good to have the opportunity for people to ask questions about the film and the discussion afterwards really brought '10 tactics' to life. We hope the other screenings happening over the next few months can use the same format.”

On the same day, the film was launched by the Social Development Network (SODNET), in partnership with UN Habitat, in Nairobi, Kenya. Phillip Thigo, who organized the event, feels that the film had a pertinent message for advocates in Kenya. “Kenya and the region is just experiencing a technology boom and there is an overemphasis on technology, rather than its application … The ten tactics [explored in the film] present powerful case studies from around the world exemplify how the use of technology can enhance the work of activists.” The audience consisted of a group of civil society activists, United Nations agencies and donors working in the area of ICTs and media. The event, according to Philip, was “aptly themed ‘beyond the wow’” referring to the practical application of technology for social change.

December 4th was an exciting day for Tactical Tech as the three screenings in one day set a perfect precedent for the continuing global launch of '10 tactics'. Over the next few months, there will be a series of follow-up events in locations ranging from Tbilisi, Georgia to Upington, South Africa and Tactical Tech hopes they will be just as successful. See the full list of screenings here.

For an account of the Manilla launch event, read Clair Ching's blog post.

Image: Panel discussion at the London launch. From left to right: Muzna el Masri, Sameer Padania, Jack Thurston.