An inspired response to 10 tactics in Georgia

The screening of “10 tactics for turning information into action" on December 9 at the Open Society Georgia Foundation in Tbilisi, Georgia brought together more than 30 Georgian and International NGOs as well as some leading Georgian media representatives.

“I think the film came as a surprise to the audience and was a great inspiration too” said Ana Keshelashvili who organised the screening and created Georgian subtitles for the film . Ana, who is an Assistant Professor at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, says the follow-up discussion revealed that there’s a lot to discuss about info-activism in the Georgian context. “People were asking about the details and tactics and technology and how-to-dos – I had the feeling that the [10 tactics stories] really did inspire them.”

Austin Miles Cowley who attended the event from Open Maps Caucasus, says the film has given him many ideas: “I see our organisation, Open Maps Caucasus, using many of these tactics as we implement new projects in the region. I was particularly interested in how large data sets can be visualised through maps as was seen [in the Darfur and Lebanon stories].”

Ucha Nanuashvili, from the Human Rights Information and Documentation Center agrees. “It was a really good and timely presentation. We are trying to use some tactics already, [using a] video portal on human rights at"

Journalist Tiko Tsomaia added: “It's a very inspiring movie – I think some tools and tactics covered in the movie, can be used in Georgia too.”

The Georgia event was posted as an invitation on Facebook and this has led to much more interest from people in Georgia who want to see the film. Ana says she is now planning a later screening to take place next month.

Images from the event: