10 Tactics Burmese gets spotlight on DVB TV

Soon after its release, the 10 Tactics Burmese film was picked up by the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) and highlighted on their science and technology program, khit hlaine yin pyin, whose title translates to "wave of new era". The bi-weekly program, directed by than win htut, will be showing the entire 10 Tactics film in weekly installments, along with some segments of Survival in the Digital Age, Tactical Tech's animation series about digital security and privacy for activists.

The program's director, than win htut, who is also an experienced writer, translator and editor volunteered to support the Burmese subtitling of the film since he felt it was very relevant and useful for Burmese audiences. Watch the first installment of DVB's showcase of 10 Tactics, featuring an interview with the 10 Tactic project lead, Tanya Notley below.

interview with tactical tech by dvb (science n techno) from talk2dvb on Vimeo.

To follow the show, see the facebook group page for DVB's science and technology program, khit hlaine yin pyin.