10 Tactics was screened in San Diego this week, providing inspiration for the launch of a new community technology project.  

Thanks to Mera Szendro Bok of New Media Rights for this report about the screening and the launch of their project Drumbeat San Diego:

"'New Media Rights is a San Diego based non-profit that offers free legal assistance on topics of copyright and online publishing. We also offer a free public media studio for local creators to use. San Diego, California is a very diverse community of people and many groups were represented at the 10 Tactics film screening. We had activists, web developers, media activists, holistic health practitioners, student activists and many others all in attendance to watch the film and feel empowered to become involved in Drumbeat San Diego.

Laura Lee Thompson, a local advocate, said that the movie came at a perfect time for her, when after feeling burnt out on her activism she was ready to take a new approach, and integrate new media tools more.

We heard this time and time again where people were inspired to utilise more digital technologies after viewing the film and were excited to get involved in our local initiative called Drumbeat San Diego. 

Drumbeat San Diego will be an event held in January that will mix technologists, artists, community organisations and activists. These diverse communities will come together to build new media projects that benefit the community.


One of the great projects is being facilitated by Jed Sundwall of Open San Diego and Lorie Hearn of the Watchdog Institute. Lorie presented the project after the 10 Tactics screening. The idea behind the Drumbeat San Diego is to obtain publicly available data sets and then have journalists work on writing articles that create a story around the data. One significant way that activists and other local community members could add to this particular project are identifying which data sets would be critical to the public being better informed.'"

Read the full report here

PHOTO: Mera Szendro Bok speaking on the opportunities available to get involved with Drumbeat San Diego