10 Tactics Belarussian and 10 Tactics workbox released

It's been over 18 months since we launched 10 Tactics, the film and set of resources about info-activism, and it's still finding new ways to reach more rights advocates and help people explore the possibilities of new technologies for campaigning. This week we launch a Belarussian version of the project as well as new resource which we've called the "10 Tactics workbox" designed to help you use the 10 Tactics film and cards in workshops and trainings.

The 10 Tactics film documents 24 stories, told by the activists involved in the campaigns, showing how groups and individuals around the world have rallied the public around a cause, shed light on human rights abuses, or collected important evidence for advocacy. From YouTube karaoke videos raising awareness about sex workers rights in Cambodia to SMS-based citizen reporting during the violent clashes in Madagascar in 2009, 10 Tactics provides a broad range of examples and inspiration. The set of cards which accompany the film include case studies, tools, and tips for those who want to learn more and plan their own info-activism.

As the "Revolutions through Social Network" protests in Belarus heat up, social media is proving a potent aid for human rights defenders to mobilise citizens across the country in these silent protests and to shed light on the detentions and brutalities inflicted upon participants. Thanks to a number of translators and those who created the website, ThinkFabrik, Belarussian activists now have a new resource to look to for ideas and inspiration on how new technologies - like mobile phones, video and social networking services - can be successfully used in the push for social change. The full film, the cards and the website are all now available in Belarussian.

At the same time, we have launched a new way to explore the content from the film and cards. The 10 Tactics workbox is a concise catalogue of all 35 stories, helping you navigate the content quickly and find the example you need. We recognised that something like this was needed when we saw how popular the resource was as a training aid. For example Babul Gogoi from People's Empowerment Foundation in India told us: "I use 10 Tactics as an essential tool for raising awareness about new media in all my workshops on Citizen Journalism and New Media here in the north east of India. It helps me to get the agenda going as all the components of the workshop are based around the tactics included in the movie." 

As an additional component to the workbox, a 10 tactics poster (click to download the pdf) has been released as PDF online and will be mailed out with future orders of the toolkits. The poster can be used to quickly discover which tools were used for each campaign. We hope the workbox will make it even easier and more efficient to use 10 Tactics in trainings and workshops.