9 screenings and #10Tactics the buzz on Twitter

New record for 10 tactics record this week: the film is being show at nine different events across North and South America and you can follow most of the action on Twitter. The week started with a screening in Xalapa, Mexico, on Monday 25th February, and will end with one in Mexico City on Monday, 1st March. Before then, there are three more screenings in Mexico as well as one in Brazil, in Colombio and three in the USA.

One very ambitious NGO, the Ibero-American Network for Sustainable Development (known by its acronym in Spanish, REDDES), is responsible for all five screenings happening across Mexico (Xalapa, Mexico City and Tapachula). Tactical Tech chatted to Juan Casanueva, from REDDES, about their reasons for organising all these screenings and what 10 tactics means for advocates in Mexico. Juan says: “REDDES is aware that society must participate actively in its own development and this requires the appropriation of technology ...  When we came across the release of '10 tactics', we immediately understood the value of the film both as a 'hands-on' guide for advocates and as proof of adequate use of digital technology tools for and by society. In our view, '10 tactics' should be seen by advocates, NGOs and any active citizen in developing countries.”

Juan hopes that advocates in Mexico will “see in 10 tactics key examples of what has been done by advocates in other countries and feel inspired to actively use digital technology for rights, social inclusion, governmental accountability, anti-corruption, ethnic/economic/gender equality and policy enforcement advocacy.”

The four screenings that have already happened over the last two days have been been very successful evidenced by the number of people using the #10Tactics hashtag on Twitter. Michael Silberman from EchoDitto, who hosted the screening with 350.org in Washington DC last night, tweeted: “Packed room for #dc screening of #10tactics!”and later "Refreshing to see so many good ex's of citizens using tech to fight injustice and for info-activism globally (vs N america) #10tactics"

There are countless tweets about the film showing up on Twitter every day as organisers are sharing the #10Tactics hashtag with their audiences and encouraging people to comment on the film, in real time off their mobile phones or afterwards, with just 140 characters. With 10 tactics inspiring info-activism discussions and the creation of new online groups and communities, Tactical Tech couldn't be more pleased.